Saturday, September 6, 2014

Diccionario Personal

    Last year I tried to encourage class and personal vocabulary acquisition by posting an alphabetized word wall template in my room.  After every reading we did, we talked about what words might be important to add to our customized dictionary.  We tried to pick words that had a broad application and usefulness, and that might be likely to turn up again in other contexts.

    We quickly realized that the template was very inefficient.  Every letter had the same amount of space, including K and W, which are not even native Spanish letters!

    Enter the new school year.  I remade the word wall, giving more space to more frequently used letters, and we are giving it another go.  Here is a picture of the new and improved version, with our first few vocabulary words already added: 
Spanish Word Wall, arranged according to letter frequency
    Students all have a four-page Diccionario Personal section in their interactive notebooks.  Click here for a copy if you are interested.

Have a happy weekend!

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