Thursday, September 10, 2015

Playing with kids' emotions

¿Qué pasa, calabaza?
     We played my one of my kids' favorite games in Spanish 2 today.  It's called "¿Qué pasa, calabaza?" and it's played like Apples to Apples®.  The situations are relatively simple, so my Spanish 2 kiddos don't have much trouble with the vocabulary.  I walk around during the game, though, to help them with any words thy don't understand.
     I like to have each group of four deal me in, so I can play a round with each of them.  That way I can be sure that each group understands the rules and is speaking Spanish instead of English.  Besides, it is a super fun game for me, too!

The judge tries to pick the most appropriate emotion.
A student looks over her cards to pick the best emotion.
  Everyone starts with five emotion cards. The judge picks a situation card and reads it aloud.  Players pick one of their emotion cards to fit the situation and then the judge picks a winner.  Each card has a boy and a girl illustration and the appropriate masculine or feminine form of the emotion, so they just have to read the card.

     Emotions include phrases with estar and tener.  My kids were engaged right up to the bell!  You can purchase and download the game at my store, here:¿Qué pasa calabaza? 

    TESTIMONIAL:  This was exactly what I was looking for. No joke, I came to TPT looking for emotions and situations to go with them for my mixed-grade enrichment Spanish co-op class. To make it like Apples to Apples was genius. The kids really enjoyed playing the game. My 5 year old son and I played it our way too...and he usually resists learning Spanish! Wonderful all around.

     GREAT NEWS!  As much as I love this game, the artwork is not top notch.  I have recently commissioned professional artwork from Silly Pillies, so an update of the game is coming soon!

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